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Is Your Art Ready?

Is your art screen print ready?

Most folks don't realize that not all art you see on a computer screen is a "one size" fits all. Most art you see is commonly referred to as "clip art" which is NOT screen print ready art. See below our example of what happens to "clip art" when its expanded to a much larger size for screen printing.



Original Image


Pixelated Image


Correctly Scaled

Screen print ready art is art that is most often times created in a graphic design program and saved at the right settings to ensure that it can be expanded or shrunk and still have a clean, non-distorted, non-pixelated lines. The most common graphic design programs used are adobe based such as photo shop or illustrator (psd or ai files). Other files that may work are pdf, svg, and eps files.

Other common issues that slow the process down is when fonts used in the art are not "expanded" or "outlined" by the designer. Not too worry! Asking your graphic designer to do this is quick and easy.

If you happen to be the designer the best thing you can do is to make sure that when saving your art your settings are adjusted to save at 300 dpi (aka ppi in some programs).

Ultimately all art files need to be reviewed and verified they are ready for screen printing. This part of the process can often be the most time consuming and difficult part but once finalized you can get onto seeing your art come to life!

If you would like your file reviewed please email us at sarah@modifiedprinting.com. We will take a look and let you know!

We look forward to working with you!