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In-House Artwork

Since charges vary depending on artwork complexity, call us and let’s talk about it. We love helping clients with screen printing design. It is usually very affordable. Our design staff can assist you in all aspects of artwork. We can help with anything from original inception/creation to simple replication of graphics. Contact us to make an appointment or to obtain a quote. If you have the chance you should also check out our featured artist of the month. 

We can create artwork based on your ideas or sketches. You can also submit your own designs for us to produce. If you provide hand drawn art please make it black and white outlines only. If needed provide an additional color copy. We can accept artwork created by a variety of artwork programs and in several image file formats. To save you time and effort it is very important that you read below and speak with our art department before creating any artwork via computer for submission.

Basic Art Services – $50.00/hour
(text, simple images, photos, etc.)

Advanced Art Services – $60.00/hour
(original designs, complicated artwork, multiple separations, etc.)

Minimum artwork charge: 1/2 hour – $25 with 1/2 hour minimum on all artwork

Customer Artwork
All art files from customers must be:
– Black images
– Color separated
– True/exact size
– Printed on high-quality transparencies (if bringing in)

Artwork & Design Submission Information

  1. Any design that is printed on paper can be printed on a shirt.
  2. We accept any printed, hand-drawn design, or digital design.
  3. Maximum print size is 13″x15″
  4. Digital designs MUST be submitted in 300 PIXELS/INCH at the FULL SIZE of the PRINT.
  5. The ideal file types are: Coreldraw, PDF, JPEG.
  6. We also accept files in: PDF, JPEG, ADOBE FILES, and CDR(corel).
  8. All artwork must be submitted in SOLID COLORS. NO SHADING—any fades/shades must be half toned—no smaller than 4 pix @300 res. Lines smaller than 1/16 in. may be washed out.
  9. All submitted artwork may be modified to fit guidelines.

Submission of Electronic Artwork Files

Accepted File Types: PC format Preferred. Call for exact specifics if not covered here.
We accept PDF/JPEG and any compatible Corel format. Convert any Adobe formats to

Additional Information
All designs will become the property of Modified Screenprinting and will not be mailed back with your order. Modified reserves the right to display artwork of orders in our portfolio for the purposes of advertising.